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We provide high-level service in any e-commerce project for our client. Our team has deep expertise in creating Online Stores, Multi Vendor Marketplaces, Complex Integrations. We do use only trusted solutions like CS-Cart, Magento, Woocommerce.
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Maxim Yuzov
Maxim YuzovMaxite CEO

Message from CEO

As a student at the Faculty of Informatics and Control Systems, Bauman University, I began to notice that there are not many high-quality sites that I like to interact with. And also I am faced with the fact that often companies do not know how to implement the information system, which could significantly increase business efficiency. Thus, the idea arose to help companies grow and improve their presence in the virtual world. With this in mind, I began to conduct research, some of the results of which were published in a scientific journal, and also presented at thematic conferences, where a jury of academicians praised my work.

In Bauman University I met Anastasia, who saw great prospects in the IT services market. By combining our aspirations and strengths, we found that to provide complete services at the proper level of quality, we lack managerial knowledge and experience. As a result, we gruduated master's program of the Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Business Informatics. By that time, I was already working as a project manager in a consulting company, and Anastasia was a leading analyst at SAS Institute.

Anastasia Guzanova
Anastasia GuzanovaProject manager

During this path of 7 years, we have accumulated sufficient experience in project management, technical development of sites, promotion, design. Being in Bauman University and HSE helped to build the community of professionals from these institutions in our team.

We will be happy to help your business with:

  • Creating Online Store
  • Developing Multi Vendor Marketplace
  • Implementing complex integrations